Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce


This plugin helps you quickly set discounts and pricing rules for your WooCommerce store.

Set up any kind of discount or dynamic pricing you like, and activate/deactivate rules as needed.

Configure fixed dollar amount adjustments, percentage adjustments, or set fixed price for the product or group of products.

Also supports role-based prices & bulk pricing. Bulk tables can be designed with Customizer. You should setup bulk rule for category/product at first and enable «Show Bulk Table» at tab «Settings».

Some Examples

  • Category-level discounts – discount products and provide free shipping
  • Buy 4(or more) items on Friday and get 20% off
  • Buy product X and get product Y for free – immediately added and visible in cart
  • Buy a package – discount it (each item separately), and also get a free product
  • Apply bulk discount for selected items, available only to wholesale buyers
  • Give a 10% discount to all «Accessories»(Category) if a product X is present in the cart

Check more examples on our website.

One pricing rule can

  • Filter cart items by products, categories, tags or custom fields
  • Modify price for each product separately
  • Or set total price for whole set
  • Apply cart discounts and fees
  • Add free products on fly
  • Use tables to get bulk rates
  • Validate conditions for cart items, user roles or dates
  • Track limits (only «max usage» supported currently)

Interface settings

  • Show/hide original prices
  • Show/hide badge «On Sale»
  • Show/hide bulk discount table on the product page
  • Set rule for products which already on sale
  • Add shortcodes to display discounted or BOGO products at separate pages
  • and much more …

Pro version can adjust product price onfly, adds exclusive rules, extra conditions, a lot of settings, and statistics (which rules really work, which products are involved and how much does it cost for you).

Have an idea or feature request?
Please create a topic in the «Support» section with any ideas or suggestions for new features.


  • List of pricing rules
  • Rule type selector
  • Discount 5%, up to 10 euro
  • The rule was applied to the cart
  • Settings page


Automatic Installation

Go to WordPress dashboard, click Plugins / Add New , type ‹Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce› and hit Enter.
Install and activate plugin, visit WooCommerce > Pricing Rules.

Manual Installation

Please, visit the link and follow the instructions


How can I increase prices in my shop?

You should setup negative discount.

The plugin slows down my site a lot. Sometimes the cart page just freezes.

It seems your websitе calls external API to do shipping calculations.
Please, visit >WooCommerce>Pricing Rules>Settings>Calculation, mark «Disable shipping calculation» and check speed.

Free product can’t be added to the cart. I see message «Sorry, this product cannot be purchased.»

WooCommerce verifies product before adding to the cart. So this product must be published, in stock and has price defined.

How can I hide original prices?

It’s a PRO feature. You should turn off option «Show striked prices» at tab Settings, for category and product pages.

I don’t see «For sale» badge for variable products

It’s a PRO feature. You should turn on option «Calculate ‹On Sale› badge for variable products» at tab Settings, section Calculations.

Is it compatible with WPML? WOOCS ?


Compatibility with my theme/plugin

Free and pro versions use same core, so you can test it using free version. Please, visit the link to see detailed reply

How to allow customer to select free product

You should create package rule and set zero price for free product. Please, check 2nd example

How to customize bulk tables or row «amount saved»

You should copy necessary file from folder “BaseVersion/templates” to folder “advanced-dynamic-pricing-for-woocommerce” (create it in active theme)

The rules are not applied to orders if I use button «Add order» (>WooCommerce>Orders)

This form adds new order directly to the database. But all pricing plugins work with cart items. Use our plugin Phone Orders to add backend orders.

I can’t change quantity or delete item from cart

It’s a conflict with another plugin which modifies cart items too. You should turn on debugbar and send us report/json file. Read short guide.

I marked checkbox «Add products to cart at normal cost and add coupon…», but I don’t see any coupons in the cart

You should visit >WooCommerce>Settings and mark «Enable the use of coupon codes».

I need custom cart condition

You should be PHP programmer to do it. Please, review sample addon and adapt it for your needs

I don’t see my question

Please, review full FAQ


18. Mai 2024 7 replies
I was blown away by all the features offered by this plugin. I was looking for something that would allow me to set a discount based on user role. I loved that it added the extra discount section to the cart and checkout pages, and I could even customize the text! The only problem is it massively slowed down my site. Loading the checkout page went from a few seconds to over 20 seconds. Even adding a coupon became slow. After deactivating the plugin the page load sped up again. I wound up installing a different plugin that doesn’t offer as many features but it also doesn’t slow down my site.I would switch back to this in a heartbeat if the developers could fix the performance issue!
13. Mai 2024
A suggestion: Leave all the «Pro Version» options available for «Preview» in the Free version in text format.This makes it easier to understand all the functions of the versions.
14. März 2024
The plugin is a life changer if you want to set discount on multiple products. And the support is really professional, fast and effective.
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4.8.2 – 2024-06-26

  • Fully support Block-Based Checkout
  • The option «Disable shipping calculation» is OFF, by default
  • Added option «Individual use» WC coupon suppress coupons added by rules» (>Settings>Coupons)
  • Fixed bug – bulk table was not displayed if final range is less than qty in the cart
  • Fixed bug – bulk table was not displayed if product sale price is lower than the bulk price
  • Fixed bug – wrong order total if «Don’t recalculate cart on page load» enabled
  • Updated compatibility with «Woo Product Bundles», item subtotal was incorrect
  • Updated compatibility with «WooCommerce Mix and Match Products», item subtotal was incorrect
  • Fixed non-reported bugs, detected by PHPStan

4.8.1 – 2024-06-05

  • Fixed bug – option «Add products to cart at normal cost» added coupon with 0 amount if product has sale price
  • Fixed bug – option «Combine multiple fixed discounts» added coupon with 0 amount
  • Fixed bug – option «Don’t recalculate cart on page load» worked incorrectly for products which have non-empty sale price
  • Fixed bug – option «Don’t recalculate cart on page load» displayed an error if cart discount applied
  • Fixed bug – php warnings for undefined variables in StructuredData.php
  • Updated compatibility with «YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards»

4.8.0 – 2024-05-29

  • Added option «Don’t recalculate cart on page load» (>Settings>Calculation, default OFF)
  • Added option “Force displaying variation price“ (>Settings>Product Page, default OFF)
  • Added option «Apply pricing rules while doing REST API» (>Settings>System, default ON)
  • The option «Disable shipping calculation» is ON, by default
  • The option «Show unmodified price if product discounts added as coupon» is ON, by default
  • Optimized rules import (CSV) – merges products with similiar discounts to one rule
  • Fixed bug – bulk table missed if 1st bulk range didn’t starts at «1» and product has sale price
  • Fixed bug – google markup depended on option «Round up totals»
  • Fixed bug – fatal error in REST API if our coupon was applied to the order
  • Fixed bug – fatal error (division by zero) if variation has zero price
  • Fixed bug – product filters didn’t support attributes with «:» in name
  • Fixed bug – Grouped product was not excluded by product filters
  • Fixed bug – «Individual use only» WC coupon applied together with our coupons
  • Added compatibility with «WooCommerce Chained Products», by StoreApps
  • Added compatibility with «Free Gift Coupons», by Backcourt Development
  • Added compatibility with «Yoast SEO», by Team Yoast
  • Updated compatibility with «WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce»
  • Updated compatibility with «WC Fields Factory»
  • Updated compatibility with «Klarna On-Site Messaging for WooCommerce»
  • Updated compatibility with «YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards»
  • Updated compatibility with «Shoptimizer» theme

4.7.2 – 2024-04-17

  • Fixed bug – the cart displayed regular price for onsale items
  • Fixed bug – button «Update onsale list» ignored product filters by «Attibutes» and by custom taxonomies
  • Fixed bug – product filters applied only once for pack of items, due caching
  • Updated compatibility with «Woo Product Bundles», main product had empty price

4.7.1 – 2024-04-09

  • Fixed bug – fatal error in the cart for the bundled products
  • Fixed bug – fatal error in the cart, if variable product added itself (not variation!)
  • Fixed bug – fatal error in REST API, since WooCommerce version 8.7
  • Fixed bug – product filter didn’t work with custom taxonomy
  • Fixed bug – bulk table was hidden at product page (only for mode «After matching condition»)
  • Fixed bug – option»Replace price with lowest bulk price» didn’t work for mode «After matching condition»
  • Fixed bug – cache recalculation (for «Product Only» rules) freeezed if shop had a lot of products
  • Fixed bug – some phrases can not be translated
  • Updated compatibility with «WPC Product Bundles», bundled products had zero or negative price in the cart

4.7.0 – 2024-03-25

  • Speed up our plugin a bit
  • UI tweak – allow to set same dates in rules header
  • Bug fixed – column «Discounted price» had the same price in bulk table
  • Bug fixed – shipping cost ignored in the cart if the rules were not applied and mode «Disable shipping calculation» active
  • Updated compatibility with «YayCurrency», fatal error for new version
  • Updated compatibility with «Woo Product Bundles», fatal error for priced individually bundles

4.6.2 – 2024-02-26

  • Warning! Now field «To Date» (in rule header) is LAST date for the rule
  • Bug fixed – fatal PHP error in ContainerCompatibilityManager.php, line 22
  • Bug fixed – bulk discount didn’t work correctly for «Product only» rules
  • Bug fixed – wrong notice that this plugin is not compatible with HPOS mode
  • Bug fixed – all sections were cleared if user pressed Enter in any field of the rule
  • Bug fixed – impossible to translate text above bulk table

4.6.1 – 2024-02-05

  • Bug fixed – PHP fatal error «undefined constant ATTR_TEMP»
  • Bug fixed – incorrect calculations if a volume discount or cart adjustment discount was added as a coupon
  • Bug fixed – same prices for all ranges in the bulk table if the discount amount was added as a coupon
  • Bug fixed – prices were doubled if options were added to the product using the “Woocommerce Product Add-Ons” plugin
  • Bug fixed – prices were doubled if the bundled product was created using the «Woocommerce Product Bundles» plugin
  • Bug fixed – PHP error for role-based discounts (rare case)
  • Bug fixed – «Products Only» rules were not cached
  • Bug fixed – same rule was being applied multiple times to the same cart item when an order was created using the Phone Orders plugin
  • Bug fixed – some phrases could not be translated

4.6.0 – 2024-01-16

  • Fully recoded compatibility with the popular product bundle plugins
  • Reduced size of section «exclude products» (inside product filters)
  • Deleted unused option «Apply pricing rules while doing API request»
  • Bug fixed – fatal PHP error for wrongly formatted date in cart condition «Date»
  • Bug fixed – incorrect bulk table for default variation
  • Added compatibility with «Klarna On-Site Messaging for WooCommerce» plugin, by krokedil
  • Added compatibility with «WC Fields Factory», by Saravana Kumar K
  • Updated compatibility with «TM Extra product options»
  • Updated compatibility with «Yith WooCommerce gift cards»

4.5.4 – 2023-12-04

  • Speed up generation of bulk table, at product page
  • Bug fixed – wrong coupon amount for mode «Don’t modify price/add as coupon»
  • Bug fixed – conflict between option «Override cents» and rule checkbox «Don’t modify price/add as coupon»
  • Bug fixed – PHP8.2 deprecation warnings
  • Updated compatibility with «YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards»

4.5.3 – 2023-10-30

  • Bug fixed – can’t view order in the backend , if WooCommerce Payments (version 6.6.0) is active
  • Bug fixed – «individual use only» didn’t work properly for WC coupons
  • Bug fixed – can’t deactivate WooCommerce Subscription plugin
  • Added compatibility with «PPOM for WooCommerce», by Themeisle
  • Updated compatibility with «WPML»
  • Dev – added hook «adp_is_tax_exempt_processor_active», use it only if your custom code manages tax exemption

4.5.2 – 2023-10-10

  • Minor UI tweaks at tab «Rules»
  • Bug fixed – field «Sale Price» was overwritten when user used >Products>All Products>Export
  • Bug fixed – zero «Amount Saved» at «Thank-you» page
  • Updated compatibility with «WPML»
  • Updated compatibility with «YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons»
  • Dev – we pass raw $data_rows to template bulk-table.php (to simplify custom templates)

4.5.1 – 2023-09-11

  • Critical bug fixed – it was impossible to save settings in section >Settings>Cart
  • Bug fixed – incorrect display of the long names of the rules
  • Bug fixed – incorrect display of «Add rule» button
  • Bug fixed – PHP8 deprecation warnings
  • Added compatibility with «Quote for WooCommerce», by

4.5.0 – 2023-08-29

We are happy to announce the restyled version of our plugin! Advanced Dynamic Pricing is more user-friendly with this update

  • Updated «Rules» tab (rules color, cache control buttons moved, «Add rule» button moved)
  • Show discount type selection each time a rule is created
  • The field «Max Amount» renamed to «Limit discount to amount» to avoid confusion
  • Show an icon for each section of the rules
  • Show the most used cart conditions in the Cart Conditions section
  • Added search on the «Settings» tab
  • Align sections vertically in the Settings and Tools tabs.
  • The «Amount Saved» option has been moved from the Customizer to the cart/order settings
  • Added ‹Read-only quantity› option to free products settings
  • Merged import/export settings into one «Backup» section inside the «Tools» tab
  • Restyled sections in the «Help» tab

4.4.3 – 2023-07-31

  • Bug fixed – multiple attributes worked incorrectly inside product filter
  • Bug fixed – WooCommerce coupons caused «500 error» during checkout
  • Bug fixed – conflict(empty cart) with Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce, by
  • Bug fixed – conflict(empty discount) with Points and Rewards for WooCommerce, by WPSwings
  • Bug fixed – fee removed if user edited order using plugin «Phone Orders PRO»
  • Bug fixed – section Limits didn’t work when the rule applied as coupon
  • Bug fixed – single quote soubled in discount name , section «Cart Adjustment»
  • Bug fixed – missed order stats if applied coupons were merged
  • Added compatibility with «Points and Rewards for WooCommerce», by WP Swings

4.4.2 – 2023-06-21

  • Bug fixed – free shipping ignored if it was added by WooCommerce сoupon
  • Bug fixed – import CSV failed if field «To range» was empty for bulk rule
  • Bug fixed – deprecation notices in PHP 8.1
  • Added compatibility with «Variation Swatches for WooCommerce», by Emran Ahmed
  • Added (multi-currency) compatibility with «WooCommerce Payments», by WooCommerce
  • Updated compatibility with «Acowebs Custom Product Addons», to support version 5.x

4.4.1 – 2023-05-25

  • Critical bug fixed – discount doubled for WooCommerce сoupons
  • Updated code for [adp_products_on_sale] and [adp_products_bogo] shortcodes

4.4.0 – 2023-05-22

  • «Products» – the default value for the new filter (section «Filter by products»)
  • Bug fixed – the «Free shipping» rule was not applied to the created order
  • Bug fixed – variant name does not show attributes if this variant has 3+ attributes
  • Bug fixed – exported rules were skipping «Cart setup» section
  • Bug fixed – divide-by-zero error for products with zero price inside a bundle
  • Bug fixed – fatal PHP error in Processor.php file, line 357 (only for rules with free products)
  • Added compatibility with «YayCurrency – WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher», by YayCommerce
  • Updated compatibility with «Additional product options and add-ons for WooCommerce»
  • Updated compatibility with «Acowebs Custom Product Addons», fixed some php warnings
  • Updated compatibility with «WPML», added hook «adp_translate_rules»

4.3.2 – 2023-04-19

  • internal, not published

4.3.1 – 2023-04-04

  • Added selector «When the striked price should be shown» to section >Settings>Product Price. More details
  • Added/updated sections in Customizer
  • Bug fixed – wrong «Amount Saved» displayed if option «Override the cents on the calculated price» was active
  • Bug fixed – WooCommerce REST API failed with error 500 in ShippingController.php
  • Bug fixed – impossible to hide fixed price for bulk table, in mode «Display ranges as headers»
  • Bug fixed – PHP fatal error «undefined function wc_get_notices()»
  • Added compatibility with «Mix and Match Products», by Backcourt Development
  • Added compatibility with «MyRewards – Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce», by Long Watch Studio
  • Updated compatibility with «WooCommerce Price Based on Country», «Woocommerce Custom Product Addons» and Shoptimizer theme

4.3.0 – 2023-01-24

  • Support High-Performance order storage (COT)
  • Bug fixed – option «Override the cents on the calculated price» didn’t work at product page
  • Bug fixed – spliited items(same product!) should be next to each other
  • Bug fixed – WPC Product Bundles were ignored in the conditions
  • Added compatibility with «YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons», by YITH
  • Added compatibility with «YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles», by YITH
  • Updated compatibility with «Aelia Currency Switcher»
  • Updated compatibility with Phone Orders
  • Rewrite compatibility with Polylang and WPML plugins
  • Support mode «Display ranges as headers» for shortcode [adp_category_bulk_rules_table]