LabelBaker – Advanced Label Design & Generator


Transform your label creation process with LabelBaker, the ultimate WordPress plugin for designing and generating custom labels with ease.
Whether you’re running an online store, managing products, or organizing events, LabelBaker offers a plethora of tools to create professional and eye-catching labels.
With its intuitive design interface, extensive template library, and powerful customization options, this plugin simplifies label design for users of all skill levels.
From dynamic QR codes and barcode integration to advanced printing options and eco-friendly solutions, LabelBaker caters to a wide range of label design needs.
Enhance your branding and streamline your label production with LabelBaker – the comprehensive, user-friendly label design solution for WordPress.


Intuitive Design Interface:
User-friendly tools to easily create custom labels, with drag-and-drop functionality and simple navigation.

Wide Range of Templates: ( Pro )
A diverse collection of pre-designed label templates suitable for various industries and occasions.

Import/Export Designs:
Ability to import and export label designs for easy sharing and backup.

Customization Options:
Extensive customization features including font styles, colors, images, and logo uploads for personalized label design.

Custom Shapes and Lines Tool:
Tools to create custom shapes and lines, offering more creative freedom in label design.

High-Quality Printing Options:
Integration with high-resolution printing options, ensuring that labels look professional when printed.

Barcode and QR Code Generation:
Ability to add barcodes and QR codes to labels, enhancing functionality for retail and business use.

Customizable Grid and Guidelines:
Grids and guidelines for precise alignment and symmetry in label designs.

Layer Management:
Advanced layer management options for complex label designs, including grouping, locking, and layer visibility toggles.

SVG Support and Vector Graphics Tools:
Supports SVG files and includes vector graphic tools for creating high-quality, scalable label designs.

Label Export Options:
Offers various export formats (PDF, PNG, JPEG) for easy label distribution and printing.

Real-Time Preview:
Live preview feature to see changes in real-time, ensuring accuracy before finalizing the label.

Easy Integration with WooCommerce: ( Pro )
Seamless integration with WooCommerce for easy label generation for products.

Label Animation for Digital Use: ( Pro )
Features for creating simple animations on digital labels, enhancing online visual engagement.

Automated Label Generation: ( Pro )
Ability to auto-generate labels based on product data in WordPress databases.

Template Sharing: ( Pro )
Enables users to save their custom label designs as templates and share them with others who will be able to generate labels.

Custom Font Uploads: ( Pro )
Allows users to upload and use their own custom fonts in label designs, providing full control over typography.

Custom Size and Shape Options:
Flexibility to create labels of different sizes and shapes to fit specific needs.

User Access Controls:
Admin controls to manage user access and permissions within the plugin.

Regular Updates and Support:
Commitment to regular updates for compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and dedicated customer support.



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