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The MSTW Schedule Builder builds ‹balanced› single round robin schedules for leagues and tournaments for up to six teams. Future releases will handle double round robin (home-and-home) schedules for up to thirty-two teams. NOTE: This plugin REQUIRES the MSTW LEAGUE MANAGER PLUGIN (version 2.5 for higher) to handle the creation of leagues, seasons, and teams.

Depending on the size of the league or tournament, the number of permutations and combinations of teams, time slots, dates, and locations can be huge. The simple (old) method of always having a single team always playing in the same time slot or position is not always the way to go. It can, and does, create problems with players, coaches, and fans because it can be inherently unfair. The issue is the quality of the first position time slot. If the time, location, and/or quality of the facility is desirable, then the team that’s always scheduled there will be advantaged, and the other teams will not share equal playing time at the desirable facility. If another time and location is less desirable (i.e., inconvenient time, long distance, poor quality of facility, etc.), then a team that is always scheduled to play there will be disadvantaged.

These issues and the inherent inequity are minimized by balanced schedules. Round robin scheduling includes a date, time, location, home and visitor teams, and game ID for each game. A quality schedule should distribute and balance the dates/days, times, locations, home and visiting teams of its games as equitably as possible.

The plugin is internationalized and ready for translation. I am happy to help translators. A default .pot file is in the /lang directory.


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  • The MSTW Schedule Builder settings screen.
  • The MSTW Schedule Builder Update Games screen.


This plugin REQUIRES the MSTW LEAGUE MANAGER PLUGIN (version 2.5 or higher) to be installed and activated. MSTW League Manager handles the creation of leagues, seasons, and teams on the back end and all the front end displays (shorcodes).

The normal installation methods for WordPress plugins work. See the installation manual page for details.


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