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Product Feed on WooCommerce for Google, Awin, Shareasale, Bing, and More


Easily generate and manage WooCommerce product feeds for popular merchants and marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Bing, Amazon and 40+ more!

Don’t take our word for it – hear it from our customers

Simply the best Feed generator and Service available. I have tried every feed plugin generator available on as well as the «official» woocommerce one. This plugin works, period, end of the story.

The best after trying all of them! I tried ALL the Woocommerce plugins for Google Shopping feed and this is by far the only one that really works.

The plugin is flexible for every need. The customer service is excellent and fast.

ExportFeed not only allows you to easily create product feeds but also supports any product category with variations for native import files.

You can also create custom feeds tailored to your requirements with our intuitive interface in minutes.

ExportFeed is the simplest way of optimizing your product listings and campaign results and drastically increasing your reach, ultimately resulting in higher conversions.

With this product feed solution, you save time while creating product feed and escape the technical hassles of product listings – 100% error-free. You can even automate product feed management and optimize product listings on merchants for increased sales. How?

Individual product feed or based on category

Create product feed for individual WooCommerce category or select individual products using an intuitive user interface and get support through live-chat on our site when you need it.

40+ sales channels to boost your sales

Add over 40+ Sales Channels to increase your WooCommerce sales revenue – Connect with Comparison Shopping Engines, Affiliate platforms and 40+ other Marketplaces.

Automatically sync listings

Schedule a time to automatically update your product feeds and keep listing accurate on the connected marketplaces.

Schedule listing updates

Set a time to request merchants fetch the updated feed to change product listings. (Google Shopping, Bing and Facebook/Instagram).

Fully supported product variations

Include product variations in feeds with their own stock levels or exclude variations completely.

Comprehensive documentation for help

Implement best selling practice for each merchant by optimizing product attributes.

Custom feeds + advance commands

Use feed customization options & advanced commands to optimize product feeds.

Local product categories with merchants

Map local product categories to merchant categories for perfect product placement on merchants.

No more listing problems

Remove the chances of feed specifications errors and exactly match merchants’ feed requirements.

Free first feed setup

We’ll create your 1st product feed for free and offer support through live chat, support tickets and emails.

… and much more

This is your one-stop solution to create, export and sync product feeds for all the high performing marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and even affiliate platforms.

It incorporates and facilitates you with the product feed templates for Google Shopping , Amazon Seller, eBay, Etsy, Shopzilla, NexTag for variable & non-variable products so you can export WooCommerce products easily.

—- WooCommerce Variations are FULLY Supported! —-

The created feeds are available for export (timed and on-demand) for these merchant providers – and ALWAYS up to date. The feeds pull from your current product catalogues as you update them – so your merchants are in sync through your feeds and [never out of date].

Over 40 different Merchants Are Supported! – Full Listing Here

  • Google Merchant & Google Trusted Store & Google Adwords
  • Amazon Seller, Amazon Product Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Etsy Marketplace
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Social Commerce
  • Pricefalls
  • PriceGrabber
  • NextTag
  • Beslist
  • AmmoSeek
  • Become
  • Webgains
  • Winesearcher
  • Avantlink
  • & more as you request.

Free Version — Includes all functionality – 100 SKUs per each feed

Free 7-Day Trial of the Pro Version — 7 day highly scalable to multiple Feeds & Merchants. Self-assessment – Please review the qualification questions and the online instructions.

Just Do It! — PRO Version – HIGHLY SCALABLE FOR FEEDS & MERCHANTS. Please fill out the qualification questions to help us help you.

READ OUR FAQ — Or Click on the LiveChat link!

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Google Customer Reviews!! The only plugin to increase conversion of your store by increasing credibility.

ExportFeed tops the performance of other feed operations scripts as with it you can create your custom product feeds. Selecting products by using filters like…

  • SKU,
  • Brand,
  • Category,
  • Keyword and
  • Price

…is possible only by using ExportFeed. Also, feed configuration is really intuitive with the easy user interface. Just a few clicks and you can map your custom attributes and default merchant attributes.

Why should you choose ExportFeed to list your products on different marketplaces and merchants?

  • ExportFeed tops the performance of other feed management tools – you can create custom product feeds matching the product feed specifications and get timely support.
  • Select products by using filters for SKU, Brand, Category, Keyword and Price are possible only when using ExportFeed.
  • Feed configuration and creation is really intuitive with the easy user interface and we provide free personalized demo too if you need.
  • With just few clicks and you can map your custom attributes and default merchant attributes and even add UTM parameters
  • You can set rules to change the pricing in the product feeds also which helps in better conversions through your sales channels.
  • All professional versions come with live chats support, email support, phone support and some of our programs offer full installation, configuration and management offerings.

Need a Plugin for Etsy, Amazon, Ebay & Google ?

Here are more plugins that helps your business to be more efficient and diverse throughout the global networks. These plugins are developed to meet the needs boost sales on the specific marketplaces.

“The plugin enabled us to very quickly get our products listed in the Google Merchant stores system, no fuss. We took advantage of their ‹Full Monty› program to get things done even quicker! With over a decade in our market – and very high-end products – we do not tolerate any outages, missing products or data that is wrong…”
Kevin P. – Webmaster –


  • Select 'Product Feed' from the Admin Menu
  • Select Export Type - More formats coming too!
  • Provide the filters according to your preferences and search product
  • Custom Feed - Choose the filtered products, move to right, give the title for feed and click on 'Get Feed'
  • Feed By Category - Choose merchant's category, local category, specify the feed title and click on 'Get Feed' to generate the feed
  • Manage your feed with feed configuration


** ALL FAQS **

A few quick steps

1) Just download it through this page and upload it to your plugins folder or from your WordPress backend, click on Add New plugin like you would normally add any other plugins.
2) Select the merchant for which you want to create your WooCommerce product feed.
3) Now, select the product category that you want to include in the product feed.
4) If you want to apply filters on the products that you want to export from your WooCommerce, you can apply them now.
5) Enter any of the Advanced Commands to set rules for your feed creation, export and update processes.
6) Now click on the Get Feed button and upload the feed as per the merchant’s process.
Note: You can contact our support at to request for the trial version license key.

Click -View Feed–

This will now redirect to the feed URL you just created – ready for submission!


27. November 2020
Had an issue but the support helped me out in the chat and solved it!! Thank you!
19. April 2019
Had an issue with some of the feed's not sending the right data to google merchant centre. Contacted the support team, and they provided assistance straight away. They got to the bottom of the issues, kept me informed of what was happening, and made the necessary changes to get things working correctly again. Great plugin and great support team!
26. November 2018 1 reply
I tried both the Amazon and Etsy plugins. The support docs are from much older versions. I've received no correspondence from their support via tickets and emails sent. The Amazon plugin might require an AWS account I could not confirm as nobody responds. Both plugins are buggy and I couldn't get either to work. The price seemed great but it really turned out to be a waste of my time. I'm guessing all the five star reviews here are mostly faked by the company. If your going to go down this road start with the free plugin and judge for yourself.
26. Oktober 2018 2 replies
Documentation and video are outdated. No response in hours, no chat agent available on their site. But the plugin site states: First-Class Support to Manage WooCommerce Product Feed – Every Time! A full support team via live chat, ticket submissions, email, and phone.
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Contributors & Developers

“Product Feed on WooCommerce for Google, Awin, Shareasale, Bing, and More” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.5.7 2022/12/05

  • Fix: AWIN Image link issue

3.5.6 2022/10/18

  • Added Ammoseek Aggregate Feed

3.5.5 2022/01/10

  • Fix: Minor issues

3.5.4 2022/01/06

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP

3.5.3 2021/08/06

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.5.2 2021/07/23

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.5.1 2021/07/08

  • Update: Refactored plugin codes
  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.5.0 2021/06/10

  • Update: Refactored plugin codes as per standard
  • Fix: Minor issues

3.4.0 2021/05/31

  • Update: Plugin compitable with WP standard
  • Fix: Minor issues 2021/04/01

  • Fix: Minor issues 2021/03/10

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP 2021/02/15

  • Fix: Minor issues 2021/02/15

  • Fix: Minor ShareASale issues 2020/12/09

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP 2020/11/18

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: In plugin description 2020/09/01

  • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP
  • Update: In plugin description 2020/05/22

  • Fix: Manage feed issue 2020/05/06

  • Update: In plugin description
  • Update: Plugin compatibility with newly updated Woocommerce 2020/04/30

  • Update: Fixes with the Google feed 2020/03/27

  • Update: Minor fixes and changes 2020/02/19

  • Fix: AggregateXML feed creation 2020/02/03

  • Fix: Minor issue 2020/02/03

  • Fix: License validity optimization 2019/10/24

  • Fix: Local category fix 2019/10/14

  • Fix: Minor Fixes 2019/10/11

  • Fix: Minor Fixes 2019/10/04

  • Fix: Plugin optimised 2019/09/30

  • Fix: Minor issues fixed 2019/09/27

  • Fixed: Removed conflicting code. 2019/09/26

  • Fixed: Remove all facebook related text and image. 2019/09/25

  • Fixed: String conversion issue 2019/09/20

  • Add: AmmoSeek feed update in 2.5minutes 2019/08/20

  • Fix: Product update for fetch settings
  • Fix: Product variation issue 2019/07/10

  • Fix: Minor issues fixed 2019/06/10

  • Add: Advance command for generating feed for woo-commerce valid product and invalid product 2019/06/10

  • Add: Advance command for generating feed for woo-commerce valid product and invalid product 2019/06/10

  • Add: Third party plugin attributes on feed
  • Fix: Rules and advance commands
  • Fix: Minor issues 2019/05/14

  • Fix: Variation attributes mapping
  • Fix: Minor issues 2019/05/07

  • Add: Frugo Merchant.
  • Add: Miinto remote category optional.
  • Fix: Variation weight unit duplication.
  • Fix: Minor issues 2019/03/29

  • Add: Wallmart Feed Specification.
  • Fix: Minor issues 2019/03/05

  • Fix: Freemius security.
  • Fix: Minor issues 2019/02/26

  • Add: Snapchat Merchant.
  • Fix: Minor issues 2018/11/22

  • Fix: Custom Feed creation optimize .
  • Fix: Custom Feed product search optimize .
  • Fix: Custom Feed customization option optimize .
  • Fix: Minor issues 2018/09/24

  • Fix: Errors while creating feed.
  • Fix: Reduced Server Load. 2018/07/06

  • Changed: Miinto attributes mapping 2018/06/20

  • Added: Miinto new feed specification update
  • Added: Miinto Brand new feed specification update
  • Added: User friendly UI 2018/06/20

  • Added: Miinto new feed specification update
  • Added: Miinto new marketplaces addition
  • Added: Improved custom product feed
  • Added: Bonanza new feed specification update
  • Fixed: Design issues 2018/03/29

  • Fixed: TradeTracker issue
  • Added: New Tutorial Page 2018/03/08

  • Added: Google New Shipping Specification
  • Added: Trademe Shipping Class 2018/02/23

  • Added: Bing New Feed Specification 2018/02/12

  • Added: Dashboard widget added for first time user
  • Fixed: Encoding issues
  • Fixed: Miinto image 2018/01/04

  • Added: Zomato Product feeds
  • Added: TradeMe Product feeds
  • Fixed: minor issues 2017/8/28

  • Fixed: Shim file for communicating with exportfeed cloud service
  • Fixed: Houzz feed updated
  • Fixed: shipping rule in advanced command updated
  • Fixed: showing warning message for missing identifiers once feed is generated 2017/8/28

  • Advanced command bug fixes
  • changing error dialogs after creating feeds
  • provided necessary merchant guides for uploads 2017/7/14

  • License not saving issue fixed 2017/7/12

  • Added Marketplaat
  • Added Miinto Brands
  • Solved: License key verfification failed
  • Solved: Feed not update on disabling wp-cron 2017/7/04

  • Pricefalls category added 2017/7/03

  • feed table updated
  • minor bug fixes : categories not showing fixed
  • minor bug fixes : updates in pricefall feeds.
  • 2017/6/21

    • Minor bug fixed : cron message update 2017/6/16

    • Bug fixed : database table installation fixed 2017/6/15

    • Added instruction for manual cron setup if wp-cron is not enabled
    • Bug fixes: Eliminated product categories if contains null value
    • Bug fixes: license verification fixed 2017/5/22

    • Woocommerce 3.x compatible
    • Minor bug fixes in Advanced Commands
    • PHP > 7 compatible

    • Update Miinto Product feed to sell on Miinto

    • Update shim file from ajax folder
    • Update Feed template of Miinto

    • Add support for TradeTracker
    • Update support for Miinto Feed Templates

    • Update Replace url path with Symlink ABSPATH


    • Update Feed template for eBay Seller


    • Add product feed support for Pricefalls
    • Add support for Avantlink


    • Fix minor issues


    • Update support for PriceRunner
    • Add video tutorial for custom feed


    • Addfeed template support for Miinto


    • Fix issue with automatic feed updates


    • Add Google Merchant Feed Creation
    • Update manage feeds option


    • Custom Feed Configuration
    • Fix minor template issues


    • Fix minor user interface issues


    • Add support for Atterley feed templates
    • Update taxonomy for Google Merchant
    • New User interface with custom product feeds and feed configuration


    • Add support for Price Runner feed specifications
    • Add support for Affiliate Window XML feed format
    • Add rules Pipe Image
    • Update eBay product feed Aautomation

    Version 2015-05-02

    • Add support for Freemius
    • Update support for AmmoSeek

    Version 2015-04-19

    • Fix issue regarding license key problem

    Version 2015-04-18

    • Fix issue for remote check failed

    Version 2015-03-14

    • Add support for Bonanza feed templates
    • Add support for Winesearcher feed templates
    • Update support for Freemius

    Version 2015-10-28

    • Add support for Polyvore feed templates
    • Add support for 11Main feed templates
    • Add support for SlickGuns feed templates
    • Add The Google feed provider will attempt to set the g:identifier_exists attribute to FALSE if product identifiers (brand, mpn/gtin) are missing
    • Update Nextag product categories
    • Update Social Commerce Catalog category list
    • Fix ECN/ category and categoryID now generated in feed

    Version 2015-07-13

    • Add support for Affiliate Window to allow feed export to Affiliate Window
    • Add support for Become UK to help sell in Become UK
    • Add support for Rakuten UK to help sell in Rakuten UK
    • Add support for Pronto to help sell in Pronto Marketplace
    • Add support for piped values in custom product attributes
    • Update Google Products Feed Specification and Product Taxonomy
    • Update Social Commerce Catalog category list
    • Fix Variation images are now used by default (if present)
    • Fix $hide_out_of_stock command now removes/hides out of stock items from the feed

    Version 2015-04-14

    • Add Added support for Amazon UK categories
    • Add Added Amazon price inventory & listing loader templates
    • Add Added Social Commerce Dynamic Ad Feeds
    • Add Added support for GraziaShop
    • Fix Feeds generate lighter and faster!
    • Fix Attribute changes: less confusing mapping options
    • New More filtering rules and ability to remove empty attributes
    • New Rule to create your own Google custom labels based on attribute values

    Version 2015-01-26

    • Add Added support for Newegg, Kelkoo, Webgains
    • Fix Hidden variations no longer load
    • Fix Revamped Amazon Seller template system
    • Fix eBay: update category list
    • Fix Restructure product loading for speed
    • Fix Ability to ignore product variations
    • New Required / Optional mappings are now displayed
    • New Optional WooCommerce piped attribute permutations
    • New Extract shipping dimensions (length, width, height)
    • New Create .txt (in addition to .csv, .xml) files
    • New Ability to aggregate feeds (you can now join feeds together)

    Version 2014-10-21

    • New Massive update of Amazon templates – over 25 added
    • New added as a target
    • New Integration with WooThemes Google Product Feed
    • Fix Licensing bug fixes
    • Change Major performance enhancements

    Version 2014-09-04

    • New Shareasale Merchant Support
    • New Added WP E-Commerce support
    • New Support for Taxonomy Module (allows other languages to replace default taxonomies seamlessly
    • New New Amazon Seller categories (Home & garden, Jewellery
    • Change ProductList XML now supports Attribute Mapping v3
    • Fix Correction to Stock-Quantity loading

    Version 2014-08-05

    • New Multi-Category Selector
    • New Custom Feed Output filtering
    • New Rakuten Feed Provider Added
    • Change Improved flexibility of Attribute Mapping
    • Fix Manage feeds page allows editing of feeds

    Version 2014-05-24

    • New Brand New Select UI for matching categories – GREATLY enhanced and easier now!
    • New Now -all- attribute values are available
    • New New tax option Google Canada and Australia
    • New Users can now override portions of the feed (eg to change/remove weight unit as provided by woocommerce or strip html tags)
    • New Users can now map attributes from individual product attributes (not just attributes listed under general attributes)
    • Change Changed ‹in stock› from parent to child in variations
    • Update Moved to 2014 Shopzilla and Nextag specs
    • Fix Update to Cron feed refresh for Linux servers
    • Fix Manage feeds page now works from plugin setup screen

    Version 2014-05-12

    • FixSave attribute mappings now works

    Version 3.0 2014-05-12

    • AddEnabled Trial Licensing, full rebrand, new subdirectories and other general clean-ups.

    Version 2014-05-01

    • AddMerged Free and Pro versions – yay!

    Version 2014-05-01

    • AddExport Product Categories, resolve cron execution issues, UI updates including feed setup page, licensing management updates

    Version 23/04/2014

    • Add Add support for Ebay Product Feed!

    Version 07/04/2014

    • Add Add support for Amazon Product Feed!
    • Add Add support for shopzilla Product Feed!

    Version 24/03/2014

    • Add Add support for unlimited time execution

    Version 24/03/2014

    • FixRemove XML Parse error for other laguages than English

    Version 03/03/2014

    • Added Add support for one product with multiple product attributes mapping to same Google attribute
    • Update License price udated/li>

    Version 03/03/2014

    • Added Add support for one product with multiple product attributes mapping to same Google attribute
    • Update License price udated

    Version 02/01/2014

    • Added Add support for NexTag, NexTag Feed generation (.csv) added .

    Version 26/12/2013

    • Fix remove xml parse error of some image url, if users supply images with not par-sable url.

    Version 18/12/2013

    • Fix remove auto update class conflict with some plugins.

    Version 18/12/2013

    • Added Add support a single product variations upto 99999 numbers.

    Version 15/12/2013

    • Added Include post_excerpt as product feed description if post_content not available.

    Version 12/12/2013

    • Fix remove updates details printing from admin area while update available.

    Version 05/12/2013

    • Fix custom attribute value missing in some situation, bug fixed.

    Version 04/12/2013

    • Added Add support for special characters in feed name.
    • Added Include currency symbol to prices
    • Added Add free shipping support to product target countries.

    Version 28/11/2013

    • Fix It remove the mpn prefix from all item mpn values.

    Version 27/11/2013

    • Fix modification of extra images (only show the current images , outdated images will be removed).

    Version 27/11/2013

    • Added include multiple additional images, upto 10 images per product

    Version 26/11/2013

    • Added shipping weight attribute added to feed
    • Added Free shipping details added
    • Fix attribute value missing problem resolved

    Version 20/11/2013

    • Fix Bugs fixed

    Version 19/11/2013

    • Added speedup proceedure with google category details
    • Fix XML parse error fixed

    Version 19/11/2013

    • Added Pro Version variable product support with selected attributes
    • Added multiple images to feed if available
    • Fix Variable Product links
    • Fix Variable Product Name

    Version 07/1/2013

    • Added Pro Version auto updates feature

    Version 01/1/2013

    • Added Pro Version variable product support

    Version 01/10/2013

    • Added Pro Version major updates
    • Fix Plain XML file output

    Version 1.3 19/10/2013

    • Added Product Count per Category
    • Fix Plain XML output

    Version 1.2 19/10/2013

    • Added Css for styling
    • Added options panel improvements

    Version 1.1 17/10/2013

    • First functional release. Enjoy!

    Version 1.0 15/10/2013

    • First Release