reCAPTCHA For All Pages, to Block Spam and Hackers Attack, Block Visitors from China – Simple reCAPTCHA Plugin



The reCAPTCHA For All Plugin Protect ALL Pages of your site against bots (spam, hackers, fake users and other types of automated abuse) with invisible reCaptcha V3 (Google). You can also block visitors from China. Multilanguage ready. Included Italian, Spanish and Portuguese files.

Italian -> Il plugin reCAPTCHA For All Proteggi TUTTE le pagine del tuo sito dai bot (spam, hacker, utenti falsi e altri tipi di abusi automatizzati) con invisibile reCaptcha V3 (Google). Puoi anche bloccare i visitatori dalla Cina. Tutta l’interfaccia dei plugin è anche in Italiano.

Portuguese -> O plugin reCAPTCHA For All Proteje TODAS as páginas do seu site contra bots (spam, hackers, usuários falsos e outros tipos de abuso automatizado) com reCAPTCHA V3 invisível (Google). Você também pode bloquear visitantes da China. Todo o interface do plugin aparece também em Português.

Spanish -> El plugin reCAPTCHA For All Protege TODAS las páginas de su sitio contra bots (spam, piratas informáticos, usuarios falsos y otros tipos de abuso automatizado) con reCaptcha V3 invisible (Google). También puede bloquear visitantes de China. Listo para multilenguaje. Archivos Español incluidos.Toda la interfaz del plugin también aparece en Español.

The new way to use recaptcha:

  • Only show the page content to humans.
  • No ugly checkbox to click.
  • Ranks humans and bots on the first visit.
  • You can choose the pages to test.
  • How the plugin works:

    The first time the user visit your site (just once), will show up one box with a message and one button.
    You can choose the pages and/or posts to enable reCAPTCHA.
    You can manage the design and the text of both.

    Usually this happens with cookies policy yet. Then, maybe you can replace your current cookie notice.
    Or add any kind of initial message. For example:

  • Cookie info…
  • Are You Human? Just click Yes …
  • Click Yes if you have more than X years old …
  • Click Ok to check if your browser is compatible …
  • After the user click the button, the plugin will send a request to google check that visitor reputation and google sends a immediate response with an score.
    Then, the plugin will allow the user with required score (the score filter rate is up to you) load the page otherwise will block with a forbidden error.

    The user browser needs accept cookies and be with javascript enabled. WordPress system also request that, then, it is not a big deal.

    This can avoid the bots from stealing your content, consume your bandwidth and overload your server.

    The plugin doesn’t block: Google, Bing (Microsoft), Facebook, Slurp (Yahoo) and Twitter bots.
    You can add others on Whitelist Table, as site uptime, paypal, stripe…

    Note: This plugin requires google site key and google secret key to work. Look the FAQ how to get that.

    Plugin Site

    Block visitors from China

    If you are getting a lot of spam and malicious traffic from China, with our plugin
    you can block it without worry about install (and mantain) huge databases of IP address.
    Just let our plugin take care that.

    This plugin is multi language ready. It also include files for Italian and Portuguese languages.
    If you like to translate the plugin on your language, please, visit:

    Legal Advise about Cookies

    We can’t give legal advise about Cookies (neither other things). We suggest you contact a lawyer regards that.


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    • Initial Page box
    • Dashboard


    1) Install via
    2) Activate the plugin through the ‹Plugins› menu in WordPress


    Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


    Where Can I get My Site Key and Secret Key?

    Visit Google:

    Can I configurate the design of the initial page?

    Yes, you can go to Design tab on our dashboard.
    You can also edit the file template.php on plugin root:

    How to remove the plugin if I’m blocked?

    Just erase the plugin from:

    Where Can I see the number of requests and score distribution?

    You can see that on google site.

    Is reCAPTHA Google free?

    It is free up to 1000 calls per second or 1000000 calls per month.
    Anyway, check with google for details and updates about that before to begin to use the service.

    What is score?

    For each interaction, google return a IP score.
    1.0 is very likely a good interaction, 0.0 is very likely a bot.

    Where can I find more information about Google reCAPTHA?

    Visit Google site:

    How To use Spanish for Mexico or Uruguai, for example

    If you want to use, for example, Mexico Spanish Language file, you need to make a copy of the Spanish file (included) and rename it. Look the example below:

    Directory: /wp-content/plugins/recaptcha-for-all/language/

    To know your country code, run this search on google:
    wordpress complete list locale codes

    How can I see my initial page after activate the plugin?

    To see your initial page, try to access your site from other device (different IP) and where you never logged in.

    Or try disable the cookies on your browser.

    If the plugin is not translated in my language?

    If the plugin is not translated in your language or if you want to change the translation, take a look at this link:
    You will find also the Translator Handbook there.
    Current language files:
    English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

    Please, contact us at our support page if you want we pre translate the plugin with one automatic tool. Then, you need just make small adjustments.


    After install, check your initial page and if some preload image it is not stuck.
    Look the previous FAQ.
    For more about troubleshooting, visit:


    11. Mai 2022
    This is the plugin that I have been searching. Simple and easy to use with clear instructions no coding or short code required Bill take all the pain out of installing the latest CAPTCHA Plug it in tick the boxes and you are ready to go
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    2022-06-03 – Help Improvements.


    2022-05-11 – Minor Improvements.


    2022-02-25 – Improved documentation and now is multilanguage ready.Included language Italian and Portuguese


    2021-10-15 – Design improvement.


    2021-07-26 – Now you can choose pages/posts to enable reCAPTCHA


    2021-06-27 – Minor Improvements.


    2021-06-27 – Minor Bug Fixed


    2021-06-19 – Minor Bug Fixed


    2021-06-18 – Added Block China Visitors (optional)


    2021-06-10 – Minor Improvements


    2021-06-08 – Initial release.