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Facebook like box is one of the most important part of social optimization. You can’t ignore the power of more than 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Therefore, it’s time to promote your Websites/ Blogs on Facebook and increase your site users on social media.

The Showeblogin Social Plugin is a special version of Facebook Like box created with HTML5 Attribute and designed for Facebook Pages. It allows WordPress site owners to promote their Facebook Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into websites by inserting widget in the posts, pages, sidebar or even footer. You may select your preferred language (Default is English) for Facebook Page Like box.

This plugin works with responsive, fluid and static layouts and lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your WordPress websites. With the help of this plugin, your live visitors can like, comment and share all your Facebook posts in addition to liking and sharing your Facebook Page to their friends without having to leave your website. Additionally, you may create call to action button next to like button in your Facebook page like box.


Following are the unique features of Showeblogin Social Plugin:-

  • Show/Hide Small Header.
  • Enable lazy-loading mechanism.
  • Adapt to plugin container width.
  • Show FB Like box for any Facebook Page.
  • Show/Hide Facebook page Header Cover Photo.
  • Show/Hide latest posts from Facebook Page’s timeline.
  • Change width and height in accordance with your website.
  • Show/Hide the custom call to action button (if available).
  • It is 100% forever FREE plugin i.e. you never have to pay for it.
  • Use Shortcode to show Facebook Page Like box anywhere in your site.
  • Show/Hide Facebook profile photos when someone like your facebook page.
  • Add Facebook page Plugin to any widget area of sites with custom features.
  • Select your preferred language (Default is English) from 143 different languages.
  • Add Multiple Tabs to render i.e. timeline, events, messages:
    • Timeline Tab: This feature will show the most recent posts of your Facebook Page timeline.
    • Events Tab: People can follow your page events and subscribe to events from the plugin.
    • Messages Tab: This feature enable your site visitors to message your page directly from your website.

Advanced Features

Once you activate this plugin, you may also be able to insert multiple social plugins in your sites:

  • Insert Like Buttons, Share Button, Send Button and follow button in any part of your site.
  • Embed any post from Facebook Pages and profiles into the content of your web site or web page.
  • Insert Facebook Comment Box and Lets people comment on content on your website using their Facebook account.

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If you have any query, please ask us in Support section. For more info, check out this tutorial.

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Use Shortcode

Users had requested to make available shortcode to use this plugin. Accordingly, I have made it possible to show your facebook page Social anywhere in your website through shortcode.

Default Shortcode:
Use this default shortcode to show facebook Social in posts, pages and any other place.

Customized Shortcode:
Following shortcode can be used to display your own facebook page with customized features to control on its size, header cover, call to action button, showing faces and post feeds etc.
width=»340″ height=»500″

You may also use this shortcode directly in PHP file.

Thus, after successfully activation of this plugin you may use the above shortcode to your posts as well as pages by just replacing the URL with your own facebook page address.


  • Activate Showeblogin Social Plugin
  • Ready to add Facebook Page Like Box
  • Customization of FB Page Like Box
  • Showeblogin FB Page Like Box with Small Header
  • Showeblogin FB Page Like Box without Header cover and stream
  • Showeblogin FB Page Like Box with Call to Action Button and timeline/Posts feed.
  • Showeblogin FB Page Like Box with Share Button and Message Tab.


Installation of Facebook Page Plugin to a Website. You may Install Showeblogin Like Share Box Plugin either via plugin directory or by uploading files to your server.

From your WordPress site Dashboard

Step-1: Go to «Plugins» menu from your WordPress site left sidebar and click «Add New» link.

Step-2: Search for «Showeblogin Social Plugin».

Step-3: Click on ‹Install Now› button.

Step-4: Now, click on ‹Activate› link.

Step-5: Finally, from widget area of your WordPress theme add Facebook Page Plugin and Enjoy!

By uploading files to Server

Step-1: Download the latest version of Showeblogin Social Plugin zip file.

Step-2: Unzip or Extract the plugin file.

Step-3: Upload the entire folder named showeblogin-facebook-page-plugin into your server under plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins).

Step-4: Now, login to your WordPress site and activate the Showeblogin Social Plugin and Enjoy!



See Other Notes for detailed instructions on shortcode.

Learn more (and get detailed instructions) in our Tutorial guide.


1. How do You integrate multiple Social Plugins?

Once you activate this plugin and add like box widget in the sidebar, you can easily integrate any Social Plugin. There is no need to insert the Facebook SDK for JavaScript again into your web page.

a) Example of a Like Button:
You can paste these code anywhere (Say in sidebar/Footer widget or any Posts/Pages) in your site to show Facebook like button.

* You may set data-share to true to include a share button beside the Like button.
* You may replace standard with button_count, box_count or button.
* The width of like button is subject to the minimum:
* standard Minimum width: 225 pixels.
* button_count Minimum width: 90 pixels.
* box_count Minimum width: 55 pixels.
* button Minimum width: 47 pixels.

b) Example of a Follow Button:
You can paste these code anywhere (Sidebar/Footer/Posts/Pages) to show Facebook follow button.

* You may replace standard layout with button_count or box_count.
* The width of follow button is subject to the minimum:
* standard Minimum width: 225 pixels.
* button_count Minimum width: 90 pixels.
* box_count Minimum width: 55 pixels.

c) Example of Facebook Comment Box:
You can paste these codes in PHP files (Posts/Pages) or even sidebar to show Facebook comment box.

* You may change color scheme to dark from the light.
* You may replace 100% width to any pixel value like 450px. However, the minimum width supported by the comments plugin is 320px.
* order data social can be replaced with «reverse_time», or «time».

Note: You should assign your Facebook Account to be admin to moderate comments. To do that, simply include the following meta tag in the <head> section of your site.

If you have any other query, you may ask your query in Support section or Tweet Showeblogin and I will reply as soon as possible.


16. April 2020
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Contributors & Developers

“Showeblogin Social Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Tested up to WordPress 6.3.1
  • Upgrade API Version 18.0
  • some minor bug fixed.


  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0
  • Upgrade API Version 14.0
  • Minnor bug fixed.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8
  • Enhanced for fast loading.
  • Upgrade API Version 11.0


  • Tested upto WordPress 5.5.1
  • lazy-loading features enabled
  • Minnor bug fixed.


  • Tested upto wordpress 5.5
  • Grapgh API updraged to 8.0
  • minnor bug fixed.


  • Tested upto wordpress 5.1.1
  • Grapgh API updraged to 3.2
  • Bug fixed for responsive sites.


  • Various minnor bug fixed.


  • Added new features to insert like share and send button along with comment box for your site.
  • Added new features to support 142 languages.


  • Added new feature to use shortcode.


  • Added new feature to show Small Header.
  • Added new feature to Adapt to plugin container width.
  • Added new feature to Hide the custom call to action button (if available).


Initial release