SolPress WooCommerce Payment Gateway


Allows for Solana Pay Payment Gateway on Woocommerce Stores. Currently supports USDC on Solana, or add any SPL (Solana Program Library) token to plugin settings. Supports all major Solana wallets like Phantom, Brave, or xNFT Backpack.

Adds a connect wallet button to the checkout page, after connecting wallet, users may pay in USDC (or other token) on Solana after clicking on Solana Pay button.


  • User frontend with Wallet connected at checkout and Solana Pay button displaying.
  • WordPress administrator/woocommerce merchant settings display.


  1. Upload solpress.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    or Use WordPress’ Add New Plugin feature, search “solpress”,
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‹Plugins› menu in WordPress
  3. Add in your merchant wallet address and adjust any settings you would like


Why Solana Pay?

Solana Pay is a permissionless, open source and micro-fee way for merchants to allow purchase on their store to cryptocurrency users.

You can learn more on and


11. Juni 2023
I’ve been working to implement Sol Press for some time now, and while it has the potential to be an excellent plugin, I encountered some frustrating connectivity issues that impacted its overall functionality. When the plugin is functioning properly, it proves to be a valuable tool. However, I experienced difficulties with connecting wallets and encountered frequent transaction completion issues. The plugin offers great convenience by allowing users to connect their wallets for seamless transactions. Unfortunately, I found that the wallet connection process was unreliable at times. There were instances when connecting wallets proved to be a challenge, resulting in delays and frustration. Moreover, the most significant drawback I encountered was the inability to complete transactions after tokens were successfully sent. Despite the transactions being successful, the plugin failed to update the order status to «paid» or complete the order process. This inconsistency made it difficult to rely on Sol Press for a seamless transaction experience. What is particularly concerning is that this issue seemed to persist regardless of whether I used the default USDC or a custom SPL token. The problem appeared to be unrelated to the specific token being used, suggesting a more fundamental problem within the plugin’s functionality. I tried using both the default RPC and private RPC, but unfortunately, the issues persisted regardless of the chosen connection option. The lack of resolution in this regard hindered the overall usability of the plugin and left me feeling dissatisfied. Despite these shortcomings, I must acknowledge that when Sol Press does function correctly, it demonstrates great potential. The interface is user-friendly, and the plugin offers a range of useful features that enhance the transaction process. In conclusion, while Sol Press shows promise as a plugin, it currently suffers from connectivity issues and transaction completion failures. Addressing these concerns would significantly improve the user experience and reliability of the plugin. I hope that the developers will actively work on resolving these issues, regardless of the token type being used, to fulfill its true potential. Note: It’s essential to remember that experiences can vary, and this review reflects my personal encounter with Sol Press. Others may have different experiences, so it’s always worth exploring multiple perspectives before making a decision.
26. März 2023 1 reply
A simple way to add Solana pay supported crypto payments to your store.
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Contributors & Developers

“SolPress WooCommerce Payment Gateway” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed Phantom Wallet transaction failures on Desktop.
  • Fixed Phanom Wallet transaction failures on Mobile.
  • Updated code to use Wallet Standard.
  • Added disconnect button.


  • Added support for all popular Solana Wallets via Wallet Adapter
  • Added support for any SPL token
  • Fixed bug with payment button on checkout not showing under certain conditions
  • Various other bug fixes


  • Initial launch of plugin supporting Phantom wallet and USDC on Solana.

Bug Fixes


  • Persist loading icon on checkout page buttons.
  • Fixed Incomplete transactions for native SOL.


  • Removed «Pay with Solpress» header on checkout page


  • Fixed fatal error that occurs when saving options due to previously declared function my_custom_pricing_options_description


  • Fixing file conflicts caused by version updates.


  • Fixed issue with saving custom currency failing.


  • Added fields for custom classes for payment buttons on the WC settings page.
  • Removed «green shield» that shows on successful transactions.
  • Change default RPC from mainnet-beta to extrnode.
  • Fixed the dimension of the QR code rendered.
  • Fixed displaying a loader when «Pay here» button is clicked


  • Moved bash script files into /utils
  • Added User/Custom SPL token support.
  • Custom SPL token Symbol and Name is appended to existing available currencies list
  • Now Validating transactions using User supplied RPC
  • Enabled More Adapters