Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce, Follow Up Emails, Newsletter Builder & Marketing Automation By Autonami


Autonami is a powerful marketing automation plugin that allows you to automate your marketing workflows.

You can use Autonami to:

  • Create WooCommerce abandoned cart campaigns to recover the lost revenue
  • Create post-purchase follow up workflows to educate and upsell customers
  • Setup SMS-based campaigns using Twilio
  • Tag Customers, Add to a list or a sequence, update custom fields and more in your favorite CRM such as ActiveCampaign, Drip & ConvertKit
  • Connect your website to 100’s of other services using Zapier

And more.

Take a look at the video:

Autonami looks FANTASTIC! One of the things I love the most about WooFunnels is that not only is everything incredibly functional, but it’s well thought out too. You can tell a lot of time has been put into making the UI as intuitive and easy as possible. 🙂 It’s perfect. I’m going to be using it for all my abandon cart emails going forward. It’s MUCH easier to set up than my current solution! 🙂
I’m really excited to see what you guys come up with, in the new year. 🙂

— Adam Nolan (SubscriptionSchool.com)

Autonami Use Cases

1. Create High-Converting Abandoned Cart Recovery sequence
Autonami allows you to create targetted and well-segmented abandoned cart recovery campaigns.

  • Live-capture the cart as soon as the user enters the email. Works perfectly on mobile.
  • Create segmented campaigns based on cart total, items in the cart, cart has coupon or not etc.
  • Intuitive cart abandonment analytics for quick stats of recoverable carts, recovered carts etc.
  • Auto end the automation when a user did a purchase.
  • Set up delays into your emails in minutes, hours and days.
  • Send personalized coupon based on the cart value or items (or any rule) with a set expiry time.

Take a look at the video below:

2. Set up WooCommerce Follow-Up Emails for Post-Purchase Engagement
Post-purchase or follow-up emails are sent out to engage with your customers after they’ve just bought from you.
Here are some of the post-purchase engagement emails you can send:

  • Shipment Check-In Email – Check with your new buyers about their shopping experience with you.
  • Cross-sell or product recommendation email – Send automated emails to recommend products to customers based on the items they bought.
  • Purchase anniversary email – Create an automated anniversary campaign with a discount coupon on the 6-months or 1-year anniversary.
  • Product education email – Educate them on how to use the product that they’ve just bought. This depends on what item they purchased and if that needs education.

Take a look at the video to see all the post-purchase use cases:

An existing buyer is 9 times more likely to buy again than a new prospect.

In fact, post-purchase emails have an average open rate of 40.5% which is way higher than blast campaigns.

Autonami lets you communicate with buyers to strengthen the relationship and lay the ground for the second sale.

Autonami Premium Use Cases

1. Create irresistible customer Win-Back Campaigns
Win-back campaigns attempt to bring your lapsed/ inactive customers back to your store.
Autonami lets you:

  • Define the period of inactivity i.e. for how long a customer has been inactive and not made a purchase in the past
  • Send a personalized coupon code to win back inactive customers
  • Create a sequence of emails that go out at set time of the day or day of the week to recover abandoned carts

You can also define the time when you want the win-back emails to be sent.

2. Engage with your subscribers using WooCommerce Subscriptions
You can run campaigns for your paid subscribers using Autonami. You will need to have the WooCommerce Subscriptions official plugin for this.
Autonami allows you to perform automated actions based on subscriber-specific events, such as:

  • When a new subscriber joins
  • When their trial is about to end
  • When they’re approaching a renewal
  • When their subscription has ended
  • When the card on file has expired

And many other subscription-specific events.

3. Keep your affiliates engaged & motivated through AffiliateWP & Autonami
Autonami integrates with AffiliateWP to let you send engagement emails to your affiliates. You’ll need to have the AffiliateWP plugin installed and activated for this.
AffiliateWP allows you to manage your affiliates – their commission rate, referrals, etc.
Autonami uses this affiliate-related data to let you segment your affiliates and have targeted communication with them.
Here are some interesting events that Autonami provides to engage with affiliates:

  • Affiliate Makes A Sale: Send out an automated email to congratulate your affiliates when they make a sale. It’s a good way to encourage them.
  • Affiliate Application Approved: When you mark their application accepted›, an automated email can go out to welcome them on board.
  • Affiliate Digests: Automate weekly/ monthly emails to update them on their performance during that time. You can also share additional resources to help them further.

4. Take actions based on the form fields filled out: Integrates with Gravity Forms, WPForms, Elementor Forms, Thrive Leads and Contact Form 7
Autonami seamlessly integrates with popular form builders. So, when a user submits a form, you can take actions in WordPress, WooCommerce, CRMs or Connectors (Slack, Twilio).
You can take different actions for different users based on the values in the form fields.
You can also add a tag, update a custom field, add to a list and more based on the information they filled out.

5. Talk to your favourite CRM – Integrates with Active Campaign, ConvertKit and Drip
Autonami integrates with ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit and lets you take actions like – add a tag, remove a tag, update custom fields, add to a list and so much more.
It allows you to segment your email campaigns and target your users based on their behavior.
Consider adding a new subscriber to a Welcome series email automation in your CRM.

6. Connects to other third party applications you love

  • Twilio for SMS-based campaigns – Autonami’s integration with Twilio lets you run SMS campaigns in WooCommerce/ WordPress.
    You can also add emojis to your SMS and add images for your USA/ Canada based audience.
    According to Sales Cycle, SMS has an open rate of 98% with 90% of messages opened within three minutes.

  • Slack for administrative notifications – Autonami’s integration with Slack enables you to get notified through a channel, or individually when an event takes place.
    This means you can always stay updated on Slack for the events happening in your store/ site. It allows you to not just do your marketing better but also manage admin related work better.
    For example, when an item stock gets reduced, set up an automation to get a Slack message.

  • Zapier to speak with 100s of other apps – Zapier has 1000’s of integrations within itself. So Autonami’s connection with Zapier allows you to unlock its limitless potential.
    It’s because Zapier integrates with Twitter, Google Sheet, MailChimp and many other popular apps.

So you can connect your WordPress site/ WooCommerce store to Zapier.

What Autonami users are saying

Using email and SMS both to recover carts, working flawlessly!
I’ve been using Autonami for 24 hours and so far recovered 20% of my average daily revenue. I’m using SMS and email for cart abandonment automations, both work flawlessly. I’m also using the ‹Send to Zapier› option to collect data on a Google sheet. I compared my website’s loading speed with and without Autonami, it didn’t affect the load time all that much! Very happy with the product so far.

— Borja Obseso (Founder, CreativiU Elite)

Genius product, I am loving it…it is working like a clockwork!
I grabbed a copy of Autonami! It is EXCELLENT! I am using it mainly for the subscription side of things to ensure I get people back to the site after failed payments and reduced rates for cancellations. So far it is working like clockwork! I have many more emails I want to set up with it, but I am swamped. It came out at just the right time. Genius product, I am loving it. Now to integrate Autonami with those checkouts for abandoned carts You ladies and gentlemen are awesome!

— Blake Rudis (Founder, F64 Academy)

I installed Autonami Lite today to give it a test drive…just wanted to email to say I am super impressed.
The possibilities are truly endless. This plugin can let even a one-man show Woocommerce website run with the power of a full-blown marketing team.
What really impresses me about XL Plugins is the quality of your plugins, website, videos, and overall approach to marketing your products. I’ve come across so many buggy or incomplete plugins released by software companies and it’s so refreshing to see an Indian company competing at the same level as a US software company.

— Dheeraj Mahtani (Director, Caprica Technologies Pte Ltd.)


  1. Install ‹Autonami Marketing Automations For WordPress› Plugin.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. Go to WooFunnels -> Autonami
  4. Start creating Automations.


Is Autonami a replacement for my CRM?

Autonami is not built to send out blast emails. For that, use your CRM.
It uses WordPress SMTP or your CRM to send triggered emails to segmented customers. Autonami beautifully integrates with Active Campaign, Drip and ConvertKit to do the job.

Is there a limit on the number of emails I can send out?

No, there’s no limit on the number of emails because all the emails are routed via your website’s SMTP or your CRM.

How does Autonami ensure my emails never land in the spam folder?

Since Autonami uses WordPress’s SMTP services like Sendgrid, Mailgun, AmazonSES to send emails – these platforms take care of deliverability-related issues.
And when you use your CRM to send emails, it’s of course your CRM’s job.
Your content must also follow the deliverability best practices.

How is Autonami’s abandoned cart recovery better than that of the other plugins?

Autonami live-captures emails of the user, which means as soon as they enter it on the checkout page, Autonami captures it to run the campaign.
Apart from that, you can send emails/ SMS to segmented users, based on their cart value, item(s) in cart, coupon used and more.
There’s also built-in cart recovery tracking.

How well does Autonami talk to AeroCheckout?

Autonami beautifully communicates with AeroCheckout. You can direct your users back to the exact checkout page abandoned and not the cart page.
In case of dedicated product-specific checkouts – this feature is a boon!
The abandoned user will also see their filled date restored on the recovery link.


17. August 2022
This team is really great. When i have a problem they pick it up quickly and find for the best solution. And everything in a matter of days (when it's more complex)
4. August 2022
I had to contact them to fix some issues I was having with the automations and it turned out to be user error...they were very nice about it. They sent me a recording with the steps to fix it. Each time I reach out they were prompt and polite. I love their service and application.
5. Juli 2022
Autonami and the Customer Support is amazing! If there is a problem they always respond very quickly and have the solution. I really recommend them.
Read all 83 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce, Follow Up Emails, Newsletter Builder & Marketing Automation By Autonami” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.1.3 (Jul 19, 2022)

  • Improved: Autonami Pro support: Broadcast name is editable after completion. (#1689)
  • Fixed: Single automation: scroll issue on sub-pages, fixed. (#1695)
  • Fixed: Autonami Pro support: Send test SMS is not decoding the merge tags, fixed. (#1687)
  • Fixed: Autonami Pro support: Contact subscribe link merge tag wasn’t decoding, fixed. (#1697)

2.1.2 (Jul 15, 2022)

  • Critical: A deprecated code related to V1 of automation created a security issue, the code was identified and removed. Props to the WPScan team. (#1667)
  • Added: Carts: New column ‹created on› added. (#1637)
  • Improved: Next-gen automation is running immediately after the event is triggered. (#1656)
  • Improved: Email setup suggestions: Now checking WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin as well. And an option to permanently hide the menu. (#1644, #1652)
  • Improved: Admin all listing pages, code improved with searching. (#1632)
  • Fixed: Automation: ‹Ordered product› rule with variations was not working. Fixed. (#1682)
  • Fixed: ‹From Name› & ‹From Email› overriding feature wasn’t working for test emails, fixed. (#1670)
  • Fixed: Automation ‹Send test› email has Autonami pro dependency, fixed. (#1672)
  • Fixed: Carts: Recovered orders, view automation was coming blank, fixed. (#1663)
  • Fixed: Automation: Recovery link merge tag with coupon code was not working when the email is created with drag and drop builder, fixed. (#1650)

2.1.1 (Jul 05, 2022)

  • Improved: Allowed a flow to migrate older automation to a new next-gen automation builder. (#1612)
  • Improved: Automation import error handling done for different versions. (#1614)
  • Fixed: Status filter text was not readable in the preview step, fixed. (#1608)
  • Fixed: Connector connection code optimized. (#1617)

2.1.0 (Jun 27, 2022)

  • New: Next-Gen a new automation engine launched https://buildwoofunnels.com/autonami-next-generation-automation-builder/
  • New: Create automation easily from built-in 32 recipes.
  • New: Canvas builder to create/ view automations easily.
  • New: 6 Step types: Action, Delay, Condition, Goal, Jump & Exit.
  • New: Delay step
    • Delay for a specific time (for example: minutes, hrs, days etc).
    • Delay with a specific date time, execute in user timezone. (Pro)
    • Delay with respect to a contact field value. (Pro)
  • New: Condition step (Pro)
    Infinite Conditional branching, can add recursive conditional steps like conditions inside conditions.
  • New: Goals step (Pro)
    Goals are milestones when they hit, contact has skipped all the steps and move to the Goal step. Autonami has 8 powerful Goals events.
  • New: Jump step (Pro)
    Can jump contact to any particular step in the automation, gives freedom to make complex automation.
  • New: Exit step (Pro)
    Can End the current automation at any particular step for a contact.
  • New: Allow changing of trigger event on a single automation page.
  • New: Add notes on steps to enrich workflows.
  • New: Full screen mode to remove distractions while creating automation.
  • New: Contact journey: View contact visually in the automation. (Pro)
  • New: In-line analytics for Email and SMS action steps. (Pro)
  • New: Bulk Actions a new feature introduced. Now filter contacts and perform from 9 available actions in bulk on contacts. (Pro)
  • Improved: Tons of performance improvements.
  • Fixed: Order items – Comma separated layout showing a complete variation name (fix/1583)

2.0.12 (May 26, 2022)

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.0.0
  • Improved: Code optimized for ‹manage lists subscription› page. JS error fixed. (#1533, #1539)
  • Improved: Passing UTM arguments on cart restoration. (#1548)
  • Improved: WooCommerce checkout page, set cookie for cart abandonment tracking when required. (#1561)
  • Improved: Send email Action: Restrict bounced contacts for sending emails. (#1564)

2.0.11 (Apr 23, 2022)

  • Critical: On some servers, WordFence flag the save email body request, fixed. (#1514, #1522)
  • Added: Displaying Pro plugin update notice if dependency is found with the current version. (#1520)
  • Improved: Unsubscribe page, JS dependency found on some server, fixed. (#1518)
  • Fixed: Order items or cart items table layout, product name was coming in a single row and breaking the look in case of a longer name. (#1528)

2.0.10 (Apr 15, 2022)

  • Improved: Contact merge tags PHP code improved. (#1508)
  • Fixed: Manage subscribe page, notice handling. (#1506)

2.0.9 (Apr 10, 2022)

  • This release lays out foundation for upcoming Autonami Next Generation Automation Builder.
  • Added: New merge tag ‹Order item sku› added. (#1376)
  • Improved: Unsubscribe URL containing contact email and name causing some issues with Facebook, fixed. (#1278, #1381, #1444)
  • Improved: Change is_ajax() to wp_doing_ajax as deprecated with WooCommerce 6.1 version. (#1282)
  • Improved: Recoverable and Lost cart, currency handling in case currency switcher plugin exists. (#1294, #1254)
  • Improved: Added handling with Jupitor core theme and donut plugin, JS error was coming on automation edit page. (#1258)
  • Fixed: WooCommerce: Is first order & order item rule requires some handling, done. (#1495, #1450)
  • Fixed: Test email, cart table html was breaking on mobile, fixed. (#1276)
  • Fixed: Email: Pre header improvement, currency symbol not displaying. (#1304)
  • Fixed: Product object handling in cart item rule. (#1353)
  • Fixed: Marketing optin checkbox on the checkout page throwing PHP error on a condition, fixed. (#1440)

2.0.8 (Nov 02, 2021)

  • Added: Deep integration added with Wishlist Member plugin. Autonami Pro support. (#943)
  • Added: Event: Cart Abandonment: Is Global Checkout rule added. (#1101)
  • Added: Action Scheduler v3.3.0 library code updated. (#1144)
  • Improved: Action: Send Email: Font related options added in WYSIWYG editor. (#1107)
  • Improved: Cart Abandonment Tracking: Tracking shipping phone field now. (#1130)
  • Improved: License key display related improvement. (#1126)
  • Fixed: PHP error on editing the manage subscription page inside admin. (#1111)
  • Fixed: Multi-Currency: Wrong currency was showing in the dashboard ‹recent abandoned› widget, fixed. (#1123)

2.0.7 (Oct 06, 2021)

  • Added: Automation Merge Tag: Order items, new template names with quantity added. (#1058)
  • Added: Compatibility added with ‹Product enquiry for WooCommerce› plugin. Breaking the JS on the automation page. (#1063)
  • Added: Automation: Order related events: Billing and Shipping all merge tags added. (#984, #1027)
  • Added: Compatibility added with the ‹WP OAuth Server› plugin. Breaking the endpoints. (#966)
  • Added: Compatibility added with the WC Product Bundle plugin by WooCommerce. Setting to hide items from the emails now supporting. (#958)
  • Improved: WPML: Language compatibility with cart items and order items merge tag. Compatibility improved. (#948)
  • Improved: Some improvements in tables to speed up the performance. (#1047, #1050)
  • Improved: Automation Merge Tag: Contact phone and email code improvements. (#1054)
  • Improved: Automation: Actions without any delay sometimes log twice, fixed. (#1024)
  • Improved: Merge tag: ‹contact creation date› now supports date format and modify parameters. (#1001)
  • Improved: Subscribe manage list page improvements. Added List visibility setting. (#988)
  • Improved: Email ‹from name› and ‹from email› wasn’t populating when WP SMTP and other plugins were used, done improvement, now working. (#960)
  • Improved: Displaying placeholder image in emails for a product if not found. (#963)
  • Fixed: Order created automation wasn’t running when the order was created manually from the admin, fixed. (#949)
  • Fixed: Cart admin API’s improvements, handled some failure cases. (#952)
  • Fixed: Automation: {{order_date}} merge tag, modify option wasn’t working, fixed. (#954)
  • Fixed: Automation: Actions with delays till specific date or time are working now. (#972)
  • Fixed: Added handling for deleted order records on Autonami engagement, orders or respective screens. (#976, #1021)
  • Fixed: Automation Rule: ‹Contact user role› and ‹Cart coupon code› was not working for some automations, fixed. (#978, #1019)
  • Fixed: Automation: Cart abandonment cool off period setting was only considering paid order statuses only, now fixed. (#982)
  • Fixed: Automation edit screen, template modal not opening when there are no templates, fixed. (#1007)
  • Fixed: Some merge tags were coming twice, fixed. (#1015)
  • Fixed: Automation: Rules view not coming when no rules are added, fixed. (#1029)
  • Fixed: License module issue occurred in a case where the site is cloned. (#1037)
  • Fixed: Automation Merge Tag: Cart items total not including the tax amount, fixed. (#1065)
  • Dev: Automation: Send email action, auto-checked mark as promotional email. (snippet https://gist.github.com/amans2k/4d12a2eb8072fec0d1cdcdd217e9266c) (#1046)
  • Dev: Added filter hook ‹bwfan_wc_related_products_limit› to modify the limit of order related merge tag. (#1023)

2.0.6 (Aug 23, 2021)

  • Added: Merge tags: Order shipping first name and last name added. (#915)
  • Added: Merge tags: Allow support for prefix and suffix attributes in merge tags in case value is present. Ex: {{contact_first_name prefix=»Hi » suffix=»,»}} (#921)
  • Improved: Emails order and cart table merge tags style improvements. (#918)
  • Fixed: Updating profile from the WooCommerce account area was breaking, fixed. (#926)
  • Dev: Filter hook to enable WC email format for automations ‹bwfan_enable_wc_email_template›. (#934)

2.0.5 (Aug 18, 2021)

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.8
  • Compatible up to WooCommerce 5.6
  • Added: Allowing Autonami Contact all rules in all the events. (#817)
  • Added: Compatibility added with Handl UTM grabber plugin by Haktan suren and UTM lead tracker plugin by XLPlugins. When a cart is captured and restored, UTM arguments are restored as well. (#721)
  • Improved: Automations listing: Added options to change the status of automation via quick links. (#821)
  • Improved: Executing tasks directly if they are ready to execute now. (#845)
  • Improved: Some UI improvements in the react panel related to CSS. (#867, #871, #879, #891)
  • Fixed: Email merges tags – Order items, Product rows and Review rows, some UI improvements. (#834)
  • Fixed: Cart abandonment: Restoring cart with the coupon was breaking, when having a merge tag in the coupon, fixed. (#837)
  • Fixed: Email: from name and email details override at email level were not working, fixed. (#904)

2.0.4 (Jul 06, 2021)

  • Fixed: Email HTML body, sometimes [if mso] like tags failing, fixed. (#814)
  • Fixed: Pro support: Allows ‹enter› key during note addition on the single contact. (#806)
  • Fixed: Pro support: Contacts import, remove file checking on the JS end. (#810)

2.0.3 (Jul 05, 2021)

  • Added: Pro support: Templates cloning feature added. (#788)
  • Improved: Cart item: Doesn’t contain rule option added. (#770)
  • Improved: Cart table dynamic merge tag CSS improved for Drag and drop template type. (#775)
  • Improved: Some admin UI improvements. (#781)
  • Fixed: Pro support: Contact audiences: unable to fetch contacts from a purchased products. (#778)
  • Fixed: Pro support: Checkout consent: auto-checked in case EU or non EU, issue fixed. (#785)
  • Fixed: Pro support: Create audience error in case audience already exists, fixed. (#786)
  • Fixed: Pro support: Engagements in filters, dependency with WooCommerce removed. (#792)

2.0.2 (Jun 23, 2021)

  • Added: Compatibility added with Dokan type plugin. Disallow Order created and status change event automation to run if the order is a child order. (#763)
  • Improved: Tag selection UI in filters for products, tags or lists. Found issues with multiple selections, code improved. (#745)
  • Improved: Basic UI improvements for RTL user. (#740)
  • Improved: Dynamic merge tags CSS improved when an email is sent through Raw HTML or Drag and Drop method. (#736)
  • Fixed: Autonami Pro updates were impacting in a case where the Autonami Pro version is older than 2.0. (fix/749)
  • Fixed: Contact unsubscribe table wasn’t created at some servers, fixed. (#744)
  • Fixed: Fetching Tags and Lists order by name now, fixed. (#763)

2.0.1 (Jun 11, 2021)

  • Fixed: Connectors calls were failing, due to a file inclusion error. Fixed (fix/728)

2.0.0 (Jun 10, 2021)

  • Making Lite version ready for these Pro features:
  • > Rich contact profiles
  • > Advanced import and export of contacts
  • > Deep Integration with WooCommerce
  • > Advanced segmenting to send targeted messages
  • > Broadcast campaigns with A/B testing and smart sending
  • > SMS Broadcasts via Twilio/ Bulkgate
  • > Smart Automations
  • > Drag and Drop email builder
  • > Smart Analytics that uncover Email tracking, Engagement Metrics, ROI Analysis per campaign
  • > Capture leads from your favourite form builder
  • > Create WorkFlows and let different plugins interact with each other
  • > Connect with your favourite services like Twilio, Slack and other services
  • Compatible with PHP 8.0
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.7.2 and WooCommerce 5.4

1.3.1 (Jan 14, 2021)

  • Fixed: PHP Error during emails when WooCommerce template used since WooCommerce v4.9.

1.3.0 (Jan 06, 2021)

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.6
  • Compatible up to WooCommerce 4.9
  • Added: Cooling-off period introduced in cart tracking. Excluding customers, if the order was placed xx days ago. (#373)
  • Added: Billing company merge tag added for order-related events. (#586)
  • Added: Displaying downloadable files in ‹order items› merge tag ‹order table› template. (#598)
  • Improved: Order status change event: Pending state from To state is removed as causing confusion. (#564)
  • Improved: Marketing status flow improved. (#561)
  • Improved: Abandoned cart modal view now showing shipping details as well. (#605)
  • Improved: Merge tags are now searchable with name as well. (#541)
  • Fixed: UI issues on single automation builder page and warnings resolved with latest jQuery version. (#589 & #590)
  • Fixed: Compatibility improved with AeroCheckout plugin. (#574)
  • Fixed: WooCommerce dependency removed. (#559)
  • Fixed: Order related events: Order items ‹product rows› merge tag, images were big by default, now optimized. (#546)
  • Fixed: Task: Execution delay on fixed time option has conflicts related to the timezone, fixed. (#522)
  • Dev: Leave filter hook on capturing of cart data for checkout custom fields or cookies etc. (#548)

1.2.2 (Sep 07, 2020)

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.4 & 4.5
  • Improved: Order create events now supports order created through a REST call. (#537)
  • Improved: Customer Phone merge tag return phone with country code whenever event supports country code. (#498)
  • Fixed: All cart items purchased rule wasn’t working in case contact haven’t created. (#504)
  • Fixed: Automation duplication not generating the unique key for the automation, fixed. (#506)
  • Fixed: Optimized the loading of frontend JS on required pages only. (#513)
  • Fixed: Preventing HTML break in case of Raw HTML template option in Send email action. (#511, #521)

1.2.1 (Jul 29, 2020)

  • Improved: Billing & Shipping Address now has a formatted address and respective display merge tags. (#492)
  • Fixed: A case where the PHP warning occurred during tasks creation, handled. (#494)
  • Fixed: Create coupon action in ‹Cart abandonment› event showing default new coupon value, fixed. (#496)
  • Fixed: Making unsubscribe page default un-crawlable. (#501)

1.2.0 (Jul 23, 2020)

  • Added: Marketing optin field display below which checkout field options added. (#427)
  • Added: Customer custom field merge tag added. (#454)
  • Added: Allows duplication of Automation. (#473)
  • Added: Compatibility added with CartHopper plugin, issue during restoration of cart. (#484)
  • Improved: Cart table summary: Coupon wasn’t displaying in the email, appearing now. (#421)
  • Improved: Cart listing table: Searching improved to search like email strings. Earlier it was exact string search. (#424)
  • Improved: Cart listing table: CSS improved. (#423)
  • Improved: RTL users, email preview and email layout view corrected. (#446)
  • Improved: Send email action: error response handling done. (#448)
  • Fixed: Compatibility fixed for AeroCheckout lower v2.0 versions. (#429)
  • Fixed: Tasks are not executing, issue with WP SMTP plugin, fixed. (#458)
  • Fixed: Unsubscribe button shortcode some handling done. (#477)

1.1.1 (May 08, 2020)

  • Fixed: Frontend JS causing a conflict with visual composer, fixed. (#417)

1.1.0 (May 07, 2020)

  • Added: Contact Form 7 integration added. Allowing actions to execute when form submits. (#328)
  • Added: Raw HTML template type added in ‹Send email› action that supports using completely custom HTML CSS (usual created using any external email auto-responder). (#408)
  • Added: Allowed email pattern checking for exclusion for cart abandonment tracking. Now exclude spam emails or suspicious domains from being tracked. (#374)
  • Added: New merge tag {{item_sku}} added for ‹order created – per item› event. (#349)
  • Added: New merge tag {{customer_username}} added. (#385)
  • Improved: {{order_items}} merge tag, review template type. Review button text is changeable. (#381)
  • Improved: Various Cart abandonment UI/ UX improvements. Ability to re-run any failed tasks. (#355)
  • Improved: Customer phone is passed in events wherever it is possible to support ’send SMS› action. (#384)
  • Fixed: Sometimes tasks got stuck for execution, fixed now. (#352)
  • Fixed: Handling in product based rules for a case when product is deleted from the system. (#359)
  • Fixed: A rare scenario where add media button wasn’t working on ‹Send email› action, handling done. (#401)
  • Fixed: A handling in cart abandonment event for WC cart session. (#412)

1.0.7 (Mar 13, 2020)

  • Critical Fix: Autonami tasks execution worker causing PHP error from v1.0.6, fixed.

1.0.6 (Mar 12, 2020)

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.0
  • Added: Autonami works without WooCommerce. (#244)
  • Added: A notice is added to notify admin when Autonami Sandbox Mode is active. (#271)
  • Added: An option to re-run the abandonment automations on abandoned cart entry. (#275)
  • Added: Compatibility with Autonami Pro plugin to support ‹Thrive leads› form submission event. (#276)
  • Improved: Autonami: Automation’s admin, Single automation, Cart Abandonment reports pages UI improved. (#275)
  • Improved: ‹Send email› action, more accurate error messages on sending email failures. (#290)
  • Improved: {{order_currency}} merge tag displaying currency value in uppercase. (#292)
  • Improved: ‹Product rows (With review button)› email template: Now following WooCommerce store color settings for buttons. (#305)
  • Improved: Recovering abandoned cart via the recovered link, now restoring cart without merging existing cart. (#318)
  • Improved: Compatibility issues with a couple of firewall plugins on certain Autonami admin actions improved the code for the compatibility. (#333)
  • Fixed: ‹Create coupon› action, selected coupon title now changed if the actual coupon name is renamed. (#285)
  • Fixed: Autonami database tables creation issue found on some WP stores with specific hosting, fixed. (#297)
  • Fixed: Abandonment entry not inserted on add to cart for logged in users, fixed. (#306)
  • Fixed: Abandonment entry quick view modal broke due to special characters, fixed. (#312)

1.0.5 (Jan 19, 2020)

  • Added: Displaying user phone as a column in Recoverable and Lost cart table.
  • Added: ‹Unsubscribers› tab is added to list unsubscribers and manage them.
  • Improved: Recoverable and Lost carts are now sorted with modified date.
  • Fixed: Set cookie method throwing ‹headers already sent› PHP error on some servers for cron calls only, fixed. (Jan 08, 2020)

  • Fixed: Version mismatch caused PHP error, fixed now.

1.0.4 (Jan 08, 2020)

  • Improved: Cart and Order currency merge tag value capitalized.
  • Improved: Coupon merge tag value capitalized.
  • Fixed: One database call is firing twice, output is cached now to avoid duplicate calls.

1.0.3 (Jan 07, 2020)

  • Added: ‹Delete› action link added under completed ‹Batch Processes›.
  • Added: ‹End Automation› option added to ‹Order Created› event. If checked, Already scheduled tasks of this automation are available. Then they get deleted when a new order gets placed.
  • Improved: Implemented proper escaping and sanitizing in Template’s HTML content.
  • Improved: Removed default Coupon Code which doesn’t exist from Automation Recipe and Improved Recipe content.
  • Improved: Expired coupons get deleted, only if their usage is none.
  • Improved: ‹Is a Guest›, ‹First Order› Rules UI texts improved.
  • Improved: ‹Cart Contains Coupon› Rule’s UI text improved.
  • Improved: ‹Cart Contains Coupon› Rule renamed to ‹Cart Contains Any Coupon›.
  • Fixed: No tasks are getting created even after it marked as «In Progress», fixed.
  • Fixed: No tasks are scheduled for automations containing ‹Cart Abandoned› event, in the presence of a network firewall, fixed.
  • Fixed: Showing correct Event data in Task Log table on ‹Task History› page.
  • Fixed: Showing products of correct ‹Product Types› when selecting a product in any product related Rule (eg, Showing subscription products during Subscription-based Rule.
  • Fixed: Added descriptions for Send Email and Create Coupon actions. UI text improved.
  • Fixed: Fixed image alignment in Email CSS styles of ‹Send Email› action’s email body.
  • Fixed: In ‹Send Email› action, if ‹Promotional Email› not checked, then ‹Unsubscribe Link› merge tag show blank space, fixed.
  • Fixed: Set email’s correct Content-Type, in case third party email hosting provider is changing Content-Type.

1.0.2 (Dec 06, 2019)

  • Fixed: Removing Abandoned cart tracked data and scheduled tasks after order placed.

1.0.1 (Dec 05, 2019)

  • Added: New email settings added (From name, From email, Reply-to email). Can be viewed under Settings > Advanced > Email.
  • Added: Email styling added for emails sent by Autonami. Optimized typography for best view.
  • Improved: Multiple UX improvements. Action & Event descriptions etc.
  • Fixed: Product rows style for cart abandonment event, fetching actual product total rather item total, fixed.
  • Fixed: Cart abandonment URL in case of WPML, getting correct checkout ID.
  • Fixed: Cart recovery abandonment running on all completed orders rather order which are traced as abandoned orders, fixed.

1.0.0 (Nov 28, 2019)

  • Public Release